Amaranth v0.9.0

Yet another addon for Blender 2.7+, basically a bunch of tools that I believe improve usability on production environments.
Using Blender every day, you get to change little things on it to speedup your workflow. The problem is when you have to switch computers with somebody else's Blender, it sucks.
That's the main reason behind Amaranth. I ported all sort of little changes I find useful into this addon.

What is it about? Anything, whatever I think it can speedup workflow, I'll try to add it. Enjoy

How to Install

Features Changelog


  • Your Blender is pink
    Yep it is. And yours can be pink too! Grab the pinkified theme here.
  • How do you do this addon stuff?
    Best way is to read from built-in templates in Blender text editor, or from other people's scripts and learn (then copypaste like a boss)
  • Can you make this awesome feature?
    Probably not. I'm an artist. I know nothing about coding, just find myself needing a certain tool (or wasting too much time doing boring steps) and thinking ways in getting it done the fastest and cheapest possible. Just mess around with the code.
  • Do you plan to maintain this baby?
    Well, I use it for my personal work so it will have new stuff coming. And if it stops working at some point, I'd be pissed off as well. So yes.